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Digital marketing is taking over the marketing world, it is one of the easiest ways to make money without investing a hell of money, “make money while you sleep” is not a baseline for millionaires only, now you can even do that by honing your digital marketing skills.

Vaazh digital is offering one of the most affordable and the best digital marketing training in Pondicherry. We are focusing on giving quality guidance on improving your skills with our certification.

Why you need a proper digital marketing course:

When I say learn Digital marketing, you may wonder why you need one! Digital marketing is one of the fields that has no limitations, you can start your own firm or join a digital marketing company by just showcasing your skills, the benefits of digital marketing are unlimited.

best Digital marketing courses in pondicherry

If you are someone who is looking to switch your career path or someone who wants to start one or someone who has a career break and looking to restart it then Digital marketing is the ideal choice for you. With digital marketing as your job you can work from anywhere in the world all you need is knowledge and skill, don’t worry about getting clients, everyone out there needs promotion for their business and digital marketing is the best option they have got. So, enroll with our free digital marketing training in Pondicherry to kickstart your career in digital marketing.
It is important that you learn a skill from a Pro to hone the skill in the right way. Vaazh digital is one of the Top 10 Digital Marketing Training Institutes in Pondicherry, which has a team of tutors who are nothing but experts in the field who are more than happy to share their knowledge and experience with you. That is why you should choose a proper course to learn a skill not from the book but the experience of the teachers. We offer the best free digital marketing courses online aiming to give more practical and industrial knowledge.

Why Vaazh digital :

Several training centers offer the best digital marketing course in Pondicherry but why choose Vaazh digital? Our goal is to not just guide you but train you for the market practically, that is why we conduct interactive training classes with real-time projects rather than just giving theoretical knowledge. Now with this training, you can just dive into the market and start your career with ease.

Digital marketing training institute in Pondicherry 2024

Vaazh digital’s main aim is to make digital marketing accessible to tier 2 and tier 3 cities, We intend to appear as a choice when you search digital marketing courses near me from a remote area and make it more affordable for people who seek a career change, this is the reason we have set up the best digital marketing training institute in Pondicherry.

Taking a course in your schedule can be intriguing, you might be juggling too many tasks already, and fitting a digital marketing course in your schedule may be overwhelming, we hear you! This is the reason why we offer flexible course timings in smaller batches that can be taken online or offline as per your needs and wants.

Vaazh digital offers top digital marketing courses 2021 in direct person-to-person coaching and online classes too. For us online or offline the service is the same, we take both the options seriously and give an uncompromised attention to each candidate enrolled with us, this makes us the best online digital marketing training centers in pondicherry. Your learning will be shaped by practical industry advice and best practice tips, designed and delivered by digital experts.

CourseLevelDurationFees (Rs)
Digital Marketing MasterclassBeginner6 Months25000
Online Advance Digital Marketing Course in pondicherry

Vaazh digital offers a digital marketing course free with certificate for 6 months. Our digital marketing course syllabus covers topics in all digital marketing techniques. This will help you to understand how to learn digital marketing 2021 by covering every marketing technique of the digital world. Enroll in our free Digital marketing course online program and enrich your career. If you are someone who is not comfortable with English you can choose our Digital marketing course online in Tamil.

CourseLevelDurationFees (Rs)
Digital Marketing SpecialistBeginner3 Months15000

Our Digital marketing specialist course gives you a quick view of how to become a digital marketing specialist. This course extends to a period of 3 months and covers all the subjects of digital marketing.

digital marketing certificate courses free in pondicherry

Enroll in our digital marketing specialist certification to get a good digital marketing specialist job or to increase your digital marketing salary or maybe both.

CourseLevelDurationFees (Rs)
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) SpecialistIntermediate2 Months10000
best digital marketing course training in pondicherry

SEO is one of the most basic skills needed for a digital marketing specialist. We offer the best SEO course in Pondicherry that will take you through all the fundamental concepts of Search Engine Optimization and train you with real-time projects to get hands-on experience.

We offer the best free SEO course online to improve the accessibility of people. We also offer a free SEO course online in Tamil for the comfort of our participants.

The SEO course for beginners comprises modules crafted with care by our special team to give you the utmost knowledge needed to take an SEO job in the given span.
how to learn free SEO step by step, Enroll in our SEO digital marketing course online free.

What you will learn :
Fundamentals of SEO

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?
How do Search Engines work?
Search Engine Tools
Common Search Engine Protocols
Keyword Research
Brief of tags
Backlinks – Basic Types
Advance Level of SEO
Local SEO Basics
Key Ranking Factors in the Algorithm
Advance level of Backlinking Method
Technical SEO
Featured Snippet
Understanding of SERP

CourseLevelDurationFees (Rs)
Social Media Marketing CertificationIntermediate45 days10000
best Social media marketing course in pondicherry

Scrolling through the news feeds of your social media and posting your adventures on your handle may be fun, but when it comes to business these actions have more meaning than just fun.

In digital marketing, Social media marketing is one of the most important techniques needed to reach popularity, that is why we have developed the best social media marketing course in Pondicherry that gives you a complete sight of what and how to handle a business profile on various social media platforms with Facebook Blueprint Courses, best Instagram marketing course 2021 and best facebook marketing course 2021 covered in our social media marketing course online free.

CourseLevelDurationFees (Rs)
Youtube Video and marketing certificationIntermediate30 Days10000
YouTube Marketing Course in pondicherry 2024

YouTube is the fastest growing platform, with the pandemic hitting our lives many have taken to YouTube to showcase their talents and that pretty much turned out to be the best way to earn money. We offer a youtube marketing course free that trains you in marketing your channel. Our youtube marketing course google will help you in understanding the SEO concepts of Youtube.
There are several YouTube channels out there and for yours to be successful you should know the basics and working of the platform. Take a youtube certification course free with us and learn how to create, handle and maintain a successful YouTube channel with the best possible optimization. Enroll in our youtube ads specialist certification online and get to learn the youtube facebook marketing course additionally.

What you will learn :
What is Youtube and how does it differ from other video streaming platforms?
  • Account Creation
  • Upload and manage videos
  • Keyword research and analysis
  • SEO Optimization
  • Promoting the content via Social media platforms
  • Integrating Adsense account
CourseLevelDurationFees (Rs)
Content Marketing SpecialistBeginner45 Days8000
Content marketing course in Pondicherry

Content is the king of digital marketing. Our Content marketing course in Pondicherry covers Every content marketing technique you come across. It is the content that takes the form of captions under your social media posts, the video script of your YouTube video, the blog article, or the website content. We offer the best content marketing course in Tamil and a carefully crafted content marketing course in English to help people with various needs.
Wondering how to learn content writing for free and avail the best content writing jobs? enroll with our free content writing course online

What you will learn :
  • Analyse your audience
  • Learn the language
  • How to create an engaging content
  • Blogs
  • High-quality content
  • SEO and Content
  • Video scripts
CourseLevelDurationFees (Rs)
Google Ads SpecialistsBeginner45 Days10000
online digital marketing training centres in pondicherry

Revenue is what all of us are seeking, and what is the best way to yield it other than advertisements. Ads in digital platforms are high-paying and tricky. Learn to manage Google ads and Facebook ads with our google ads specialist certification and you are all set to acquire a google ads specialist job or earn as a freelance google ads specialist in clicks.
There are not many PPC AdWords specialists google certified in the market, we help you become one with our google ads specialist training.

What you will learn :
  • Learn PPC
  • How to create selling campaigns
  • Create copies that convert
  • How to launch and monitor your accounts
  • Track, Bid, and report your ads efficiently
CourseLevelDurationFees (Rs)
Social Media Management strategies Beginner15 Days5000
google ads certification course in pondicherry

Social media page handling is not as easy as many people think. We offer a 15-day social media management course with a certificate that helps you understand the nuances of social media page maintenance. This social media management course 2021 is ideal for beginners who want to learn the details of social media handling charges in India in a quick period.
The Facebook page maintenance service cost and Instagram page maintenance service cost in pondicherry is deliberately increasing day by day with the increased demand. Enroll in our social media management course to get the social media management job that you are looking for.

What you will learn :
  • Account creation
  • Social media optimization
  • Promoting the content in social media platforms
CourseLevelDurationFees (Rs)
YouTube marketing, a Quickview Beginner15 Days5000
Facebook Ads Complete Course in Pondicherry

YouTube channels need consistent work to reach popularity, with a good understanding of how the platform works it could reach a wider audience. Vaazh digital is offering the best youtube digital marketing course in Pondicherry for those who need to learn a youtube marketing course syllabus that covers all the techniques fast and easily.
We offer a youtube marketing course online and a youtube marketing course in Tamil for suiting the different needs of the participants. Our youtube affiliate marketing course will help you create your own youtube marketing job

What you will learn :
  • Account Creation
  • Upload and manage videos
  • Promoting the content via Social media platforms
CourseLevelDurationFees (Rs)
Video Editing Certification Beginner30 Days10000

Searching for a video editing course near me? we are here to cover you. We offer the best video editing course in Pondicherry that helps you in understanding the top tools of video editing.

best video editing course in Pondicherry 2024

Vaazh digital brings you a video editing course online with certificate and a separate online video editing course in Tamil that also has an adobe premiere pro video editing tutorial in Tamil.

CourseLevelDurationFees (Rs)
Graphic Designing CertificationBeginner30 Days10000

Graphic designers are in demand for all social marketing techniques. We offer graphic designing courses online that are formulated to aid learning graphic design for beginners. We try the most to bring our courses available to all people, that is why we have created free online graphic designing courses in Tamil. We make sure we transfer the right knowledge needed to start a Graphic design job right away.

graphic designing courses in Pondicherry

Wondering how to become a graphic designer in India? Join our graphic designing courses in Pondicherry.

Course1 Session5 Sessions
One on One ConsultationRs. 2000Rs.5000

How Much ever one learns and practices, we all have few doubts as we proceed, those questions cannot be answered by Google or any other online forums, all you need is an expert analysing your steps and advising you based on your techniques.

free online digital marketing program in Pondicherry 2024

Vaazh digital offers One on One consultation services provided by the best experts in the industry. Book your session today to have your consultation with our expert and get your unanswered questions answered. Book Today!