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best web development services in Pondicherry

Web Design and Development :

Web sites are the first impression you give your client about your business, a survey by Adobe says that 48 % of viewers decide the credibility of your business from the design and experience of your website. Isn’t this an important factor for you to develop an attractive website? Developing a website requires trained professionals, Vaazh digital as a digital marketing agency is offering the best web development services in Pondicherry, we help you with attractive web design built with the best SEO strategies.

Develop a multi-platform website with search engine optimization today :
A website design as fit as it looks in its desktop version should render an amiable user experience in its mobile version too.

It is said that 63% of the total website visits in 2018 were from smartphones, so imagine the situation now, three years later!

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Vaazh digital, helps you optimize your website for mobile platforms with Google’s Accelerated Mobile Page. With us, you can experience the top website design and development company in Puducherry and Create a website with AMP for lighter, faster websites that fit like a glove to your mobile browser.

Landing pages that attract :

A landing page is the most important phase in converting a lead to a sale. You might lose your lead to an unattractive and slower landing page. Don’t worry you will not experience that on choosing Vaazh digital, the best website designing company in Pondicherry.

Experience a smoother server migration with us :

Vaazh digital, as the top web design service in Pondicherry, help you migrate your data between servers in an encrypted channel with no data loss and assured data security.

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We have professionals to carry out smooth server migration between various servers including AWS servers in no time.

Go faster with Vaazh digital :

Statistics shared by Akamai say that 47 % of people expect your website to load in a total of 2 seconds. It is a fast-running world you see! even google ranks your website high only if you have a faster loading site with a user-friendly web design. This is why Vaazh digital, as a freelance web developer in Pondicherry focuses on improving the speed of the websites it develops. We always make sure to offer websites that are lighter and faster to load along with having an attractive layout.

Build a Website of your Style :

Every website is unique, a website should have your style, a pinch of you should reflect in your website just like it does in anything you create. To achieve that a website built from the first brick is needed. We help you in website development with HTML, PHP, ASP.net, CSS codes. It is tedious work but worth it!

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You might have wondered where to get the best web designer for your business, you might have also tried searching web designer near me, randomly in google, and ended up in various places, but we assure you once you choose Vaazh digital, you will not go anywhere else for any of your website needs.

Preferring Smartwork? then CMS is for you!

Developing a website design from scratch requires a lot of work, why do that when you have content management tools to help. Vaazh digital offers the best WordPress development services in Pondicherry. Select a template of your taste and plug-ins of your need, with CMS tools like WordPress we will develop the best website.

Choose Vaazh digital for the best web development services in Puducherry.