Programmatic/Native Ads


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Programmatic Ads :

Artificial intelligence is ruling the world, they say. If it is ruling the world why not use a bit of this blooming tech to improve your marketing? Have you ever wanted to run your campaigns across various pages but the cost and work behind it stopped you from achieving that ? Then you should choose Programmatic ad campaigns today.

Programmatic ad campaigns are created and improved using machine learning and AI tools which decides where to place your ad on the vast list of publishers and websites. This optimized solution analyses the various websites and other platform’s traffic before displaying your campaign on it. This way none of your money will be spent on a platform that doesn’t suit your marketing needs, but only few firms like us offer best programmatic ad services in Puducherry.

One Campaign for a network of platforms:

Programmatic advertising is the only option to access various networks like OTTs, social media platforms and various web pages with a single campaign.

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You need not work your way out in creating and optimizing content for different platforms, one RTB and your campaign is sorted for all platforms across the network. That is how Programmatic ads work.

Manage your campaigns with a pro :

As easy as it sounds, programmatic ad campaigns get tricky to manage if not understood properly. They need strategic bidding and continuous monitoring to get the best ROI. Vaazh digital, from being into this field of work for so long and offering top programmatic ad services in Puducherry knows the in and out of this technique. We will help you in monitoring the campaigns across the platform and help you in staying updated on what is happening to your money in all this process.


The Demand side platforms integrate advertisers with publishers. We rely on few trustable platforms like.


Create Ads that are camouflaged with the platform they appear with Vaazh digital. The ads that don’t appear as ads but still convert, this is the advantage of native ads and who offers the best native ad services in Pondicherry? us , Vaazh digital.

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If you are going to infuse ads over ads across the platform, the viewer tends to get ad fatigue and the next action they take is to skip the ad, not buying your product. This might happen even on having a beautiful and interesting copy.

How to overcome this?

This problem can be solved by creating content that becomes a part of the platform they appear on. These types of ads are tagged, sponsored or recommended but still they are not a pain in the eye like a pop-up sometimes turn out to be.

Native ads are pay-per-click ads that people don’t mind clicking. They blend with the platform and appear more like content and don’t appear to be an ad. When saying this, people still are aware of this being an ad but only their way of treating an traditional ad differs from that of responding to a native ad.

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Vaazh digital with its top native ad services in Pondicherry, will help you in creating native ads that are attractive and interesting which will influence the readers.

Generate Sales with native ads today, we are here to sail you through this.