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A traditional news setup is always costly and a lot of work, why do you need to go through the hard way when you can opt for the easy and happening mode, the digital news setup.
Our background in digital media helps us in providing the best Digital news agency in India, we know how traditional setup works and how a digital news setup should work.

How to start a news website in India:

A good news setup should have a properly functioning website that is light, fast, and easy to navigate. Vaazh digital has a team of professionals who can build a website that checks all the criteria.
Having a core team from a media background, we very well know how important speed is for a news website, sources from Loadstorm, a consultancy, says that one in four visitors leave a website that takes more than four seconds to load, we understand this too well that we build websites that are fast enough to give your audience a smooth reading experience.

How to make a news website in WordPress ?

With Vaazh digital all your options are open, you can pick any of the predefined WordPress themes or we can create a WordPress template from scratch just as you like or a paid WordPress theme that suits your needs. Build a website of your choice with us.
India Digital News Report 2019, published by the Reuters In.., says that more than 68% of Indians read the daily news from their smartphones, this is exactly why optimizing your website for mobile is as important as it is for a desktop. Wondering how to start an online news portal, Vaazh digital on creating a well-crafted website for you also helps you in adapting it for smartphones. We also create engaging news apps that are stable and reliable.
With building a website Vaazh digital also helps you in server configuration of all types including AWS servers.

Build your News website with search engine optimization(SEO)

Building a beautiful website and not having it seen is not an ideal way to create a news setup. We help you with optimizing your website for search engines in all possible ways.
We research keywords that are in current trends and have our content, teamwork with those keywords to be on top of the search results, and produce updated content.

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Vaazh digital gives on-page SEO (google analytics, google search console, and many more)
When we say content team, we offer our clients to either work with in-house content writers to work for them on a contract basis or coordinate with writers from their end. The ultimate aim is to give the best possible results from our end.

Social Media Marketing To the rescue :

As the world changes fast, people adapt to new technologies faster. There are not many readers who actually visit a news website and read the trending news, they do it through their social media platforms themselves. This is why we concentrate on providing the best Social media management for your news page.
Vaazh digital can help you in creating, optimizing, and maintaining news pages across various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and a hyper-local regional app like ShareChat also to be featured in the Facebook instant article.
Now your readers can just read the news from their feeds and you still can drive traffic to your website, it’s a win-win situation here.
Vaazh digital provides both technical digital marketing services like a website, SEO and non-technical digital marketing services like Content writing when it comes to digital news setup.

Digital news services :

A digital news setup must have a unique strategy for the articles to reach a wider audience, a strategy that says what to post when to post and how to post. Vaazh digital offers the best digital news strategist in Tamilnadu who formulates practical strategies that yield results.
The intent of any business is to increase its revenue, news media are no exception to this, you are running it expecting to generate money out of it. We see it, that is why we craft strategies intending to produce the best ROI.

How to setup a news website 2024

Vaazh digital is on board with top digital news sites like Mediakaaran, 1news Nation. We tailor strategies that make these websites one of the best. You can have your website on the list too! Choose us, for the best digital strategy for online media.

How to earn money in youtube 2024 :

Create your own YouTube channel today with Vaazh digital. YouTube is the digital TV of this era. Google data says that there are 260 Million active YouTube users in India, YouTube data reported by Pew research center says that more than 19% of YouTube users watch the news from Various news channels in YouTube and more than 80+ top News platforms have their YouTube presence. Isn’t this enough for you to create your own YouTube Channel right now, right away!
Vaazh digital assists you in every task of creating your Youtube channel, also we help you to do SMO for your channel, guide you in video strategies and manage them for you.

Revenue model :

A revenue model that has customized strategies and marketing techniques is needed to bring the best ROI. Vaazh digital creates an effective revenue model that generates more income,
We have created a revenue model for top news channels like MediaKaran and 1newsNation that are up and running successfully now.
Join us to craft your revenue model of youtube, Facebook to bring the returns that you deserve.
Vaazh digital can do all these in a package or anything individually.

Fact-checking Services :

Social media has become the puppet of the users’ hands, anyone can spread any news and there is not a system to censor the fake news across various platforms. It is very sure that all of us might have come across a forward that we believed, but turned out to be fake news.

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There is a way to filter fake news with professional fact-checking services. We have a team of expert fact-checkers who can debug your news and filter the fake news from being shared across your news setup. We also factcheck Tamil content.
Avail of fact-checking services from the best fact-checker in Tamilnadu asap and save your credibility.

News aggregator :

Vaazh digital is working with aggregators too! We help you to club websites and create revenue by promoting ads across the platforms.
Vaazh digital performs the integration of platforms to reach many places, we make sure your content is placed across various platforms like Google news, daily hunt, glance, opera news, and Jio news.
Vaazh digital as the top news aggregator in India helps you with every service as a whole package, or individual services as per your needs.